Panther Digital

Since 1994, Panther Digital Corporation has been providing digital content, custom application development, databases and network management to clients both large and small.

Our current client base is fixed and dedicated and we currently do not seek new clients.

Discard any unsolicited message you may receive, apparently from Panther Digital. We do not send unsolicited email or text messages. Such items are spoofed and are not genuine.

Our software skills include:

- Java (including J2EE, JDBC, etc.), servlet, applet, application, client and server
- Microsoft C# Visual Basic and .NET through 3.5 and 4, and MVC 2
- Sharp Develop, C Sharp IDE
- UNIX and Linux, Sun Solaris & C
- SQL -- Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, as well as MS Access
- HTML with Scripting, both client and server
- Joomla Web Site Manager
- SNMP internals

In addition, we can provide training and consulting in these skills.

In 2002 Panther Digital Corporation expanded to include Panther Digital Productions to provide digital pictorial and audio/video content for both business and entertainment.

The SNMP FAQ List from Usenet group comp.protocols.snmp is here, although it is no longer maintained.